Trying to Get Back to Verizon But They Want Me to Pay Close to $40 More

It seems like every cable company including verizon does not want to renew any 2 year agreements, or any agreements, unless you pay $40-50 more for staying with them because they feel you now owe it to them to pay up for the special deal that is now history.  And being a loyal customer, wanting to stay with verizon, with the same price or just a little higher, means nothing to them.

And being disabled, on a fixed income, trying to make ends meet, means less to them because cable and internet companies are concerned about the money they're making, but not about the people they're serving, and trying to keep even if the agreements are the same or there's less money to make by keeping the committment alive.

I'm trying to get back to verizon after making the biggest mistake of trying to save some money with their competitor, but now they want me to pay close to $40 more to come back to them, even though the other cable company is saving me money.  Does any of this make any sense?