Two Verizon utility poles down.

I’ve been trying to make contact with someone to escalate this issue.  My yard has two Verizon poles that also hold our electric cables.  Both poles are no longer connected to the ground.  They are propped against a tree being held up by wires.  The utility company is extremely supportive and have been out multiple times to inform us how dangerous this situation is especially given that our four children play in this yard and the many neighborhood children that walk through the yard on a daily basis.  Several calls to Verizon and a visit by a tech has yielded no action.  Given the gravity of this situation and the possibility of severe injury or even death by these Verizon poles and electrical wires I have decided to log this information here so as to have written documentation of the company’s neglect up to this point.  

Re: Two Verizon utility poles down.
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.