URL blocking

since now that we are hearing about Net neutrality is Verizon blocking url's at this time ? If you use your cellphome to connect via hotspot to the url you get through if I'm paying $150 - $200 a month nothing should be blocked really who gives you the right to block what I'm paying you for! Free Internet is what that stand for . A person who lives half way around the world cannot cntact them because verizon is blocking the address site????

 So, this boil's down to this if you want lighting fast speed you have to pay more for higher speed and the rest of us sit in the slow lane. what yourrr comment?

Re: URL blocking

Please give it a rest. Net neutrality has not even been implemented yet, if it ever does get implemented.

numerous states have lawsuits stopping it, many governors have signed executive orders stopping companies from doing business in their states IF a ISP even tries to throttle or give priority over one customer over another.

the US Congress is also thinking of canceling the net neutrality regulations from the fcc on voice edict. So relax