Unable to Login to Verizon Account

I am active duty and recently deployed and trying to modify my cell plan while I am overseas. I am stuck in an endless cycle:

- I have to sign in (which I can't do, hence why I'm here) in order to talk to a live agent via chat.

- I can't have Verizon support call me, because, again, I have to be logged in to begin with.

- When I go to reset my password, I get the attached error. 

- I have access to my email, my phone (can receive messages over wifi), and set up face recognition for login on my Verizon account. For some reason, it still won't let me login. 

- I do not have easy or frequent access to a DSN phone to make an out of country call to an 800 number.

- Can someone remind me again why the dual authentications, sent via either email or text, aren't working?

This is the error I get:


Re: Unable to Login to Verizon Account

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