Unable to Redeem Verizon Gift Card —Solution!!
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Hi everyone!

I figured out how to redeem my gift card right after posting how I couldn’t.

The issue I was having was stemming from using Google Chrome, both when I tried on my computer and my iPhone. When I used Safari instead on my iPhone I was finally able to redeem it.

I’m not sure why the company hasn’t fixed this issue yet or at least post that possible issues stem from browser choice, but considering how many people have issues redeeming I do hope Verizon takes care of it soon.

Apologies for creating a new topic, but it seems the mods lock the “can’t redeem giftcard” topics once they get the usual “your question has been escalated” bit.

I hope this helps someone!

Re: Unable to Redeem Verizon Gift Card —Solution!!

That was great you figured it out and shared the solution.

I would have given a kudo to you but this forum like other website issues just doesn’t function.

Kudo to you!