Unable to add a line to my account

Ordered Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with coupon code SMART300 on a new line 11/30/2022. This morning received an email from Verizon with subject ‘Your recent order is under review.’ with following info: “
Your current order is pending. Please review the order details below, and then complete the required step(s) within 24 hours using one of the following methods:
• Visit My Verizon and locate your order in My Orders then select "take action" in the banner for more instructions.
• Or, if you don't have access to My Verizon, visit and complete our order status page and then select "take action" in the banner for more instructions.
• Or call the Verizon Fraud Prevention team, 7AM - 11PM ET, 7-day s a week at 888.483.7200.
We apologize for any delay this may cause.”
When I logging to Verizon, I get this when selected “take action”
Thank you for your order.
Please check your email for status updates or for next steps before 12/04.
I already had a bad feeling that Verizon pull a runaround; so, I called they told be on the phone, as this time you are not allowed to add a line without provide a valid reason. I’m with Verizon wireless over 15 years and also Fios customer. I kept asking why the assistance supervisor told me try again to 3 or 6 months later. I don’t know why and would like to know why. Anyone has similar situation or suggestion?
Currently I have 3 lines and Fios services, thinking moving to different company since this is how V doing business.

Re: Unable to add a line to my account

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