Unable to complete the order and set up install date after doing verification check.

Set up a new order for gigabit internet only online and decided to do it without SSN. They somehow manage to still attempt to do a hard pull even though I specifically clicked "NO". Thankfully my credit is frozen specifically for this reason, because I read many stories about Verizon doing hard pulls without being allowed to. 

1. Called identity verification department, they confirmed by identity and released the hold.

2. Called customer service, they said hold is still in place.

3. Called verification department again, they said they will release it now.

4. Customer service says "again, it wasn't release". I would need to re-do my order again. 

5. I re-do my order online with the same steps. Again, they tried to do a hard pull. 

6. Verification department asked me 4 questions and verified and released the hold. 

7. Customer service AGAIN says it's still on hold. Again offers me to cancel the order and re-do it (I assume to get comission). I decline. 

8. **bleep**? 

Anyone had a problem like that? Not the greatest first impression. 

P.S. Thank god for a credit freeze. 

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Normally it would be easy if you just gave the SSN but they have a process where they either don't still try a credit pull and just charge you a security deposit of varying amounts. You are caught in a situation where as you found out are caught in internal snafu where one department has no valid information on what the verification process is at. It should be released but reordering over and over is going to cause you even more issues.

i would ask for verizon executive escalations or I would try to send your issue to verizon direct here on the http://www.dslreports.com which maybe able to assist.