Unauthorized hard credit inquiry

Jan 28th 2020,  I receive a notification that there’s been a credit inquiry from a monitoring service I use.  I investigate it to find that Verizon wireless - km has run a hard inquiry on me somehow.  This is odd as I’ve never used or inquired about their service.  I call customer service and they get my name, and ask if I have any prefix/suffix to my name like jr, senior, 3rd etc.  it is just my name however, first and last.  She tells me this is a little odd but there was an account opened up that same day(28th, which at the time I was calling was within hours of this occurring) under my name, only with a junior.  At this point I’m worried, and I give her my ssn to verify if that account had somehow used my ssn and started an account.   She had told me it was not however a match and after some more looking she was unable to tell me anything else.

at this point I ask if there’s a fraud department that can help me, she says that sense my ssn isn’t in they system it probably won’t help, but sends me to the new account setup as they may be able to see more.  I get transferred and they pick up then disconnect.  Called back, asked for that department, then the person tells me I’m needing to talk to customer service, to which I tell them I was just there, but too late, I’ve already been transferred.  I get there and they send me to fraud, which the line disconnects again, so call#3, representative #4.  He tells me there’s nothing under my ssn, and tries to send me to something else, I believe fios fraud, to check if my name is in there, but guess what, disconnected again.  At this point I’ve run straight out of patience.

so I try on the 29th and get ahold of Verizon fios I believe and their fraud department says the social doesn’t come up with anything, but they wouldn’t be able to tell me for some time because the system doesn’t update that quickly.  So I asked for a return phone call and haven’t received anything yet, equifax says Verizon has to remove it, Verizon says they haven’t or can’t at least see that they have run it, and the biggest issue is how the hell does someone run a hard inquiry on my social, then tell me their system is slow and wouldn’t be able to tell me more at that time?  I’ve got considerable worries that somehow my information has been stolen and the one company that has any link to it can’t help.  This has got to be illegal, and I’m not sure how but I’m going to get this straightened out.

tldr. Verizon has run a hard credit inquiry and they can’t/won’t tell me where this happened, who did it, for what reason it has happened, or offer any solutions to fix it.  Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Unauthorized hard credit inquiry

The three credit bureaus have to remove it if you tell them it is identity theft or fraud.

but you must request this in writing. Not verbally.

verizon has to remove it if you don’t have service with them. And in fact you are posting to the wrong community. You want https://community.verizonwireless.com who handle that issue. Or call 1-800-922-0204