Unethical practice to get me to renew contract - gift card promised but upon renewal won't honor

I chatted online with Colin at Verizon fios about renewing my contract. The renewal rate was very high. Colin said that if I renewed Verizon would give me a $50 credit for upgrading equipment as well as a $300 gift card that would be emailed to me within 3-4 weeks. I went ahead andf renewed my contract on that basis On 11/19/19, when I had not received the gift card email, I called Verizon and spoke to Tim. He checked with Colin and told me that the gift card email would be sent out to me within the next few days. When I called today (11/29/19) to follow up since I had still not received it, Stephen told me the gift card was a promotion that Colin had offered me in error, and since it wass a promo they did not have to honor it. I was very upset and said how it was possible that they offered me something to renew my contract, but are now saying they will not follow through. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was connected to Susan. She was extremely unhelpful. I have no idea how she is in customer service! She said that since Colin did not note the gift card offer in his notes, they could not give it to me. Basically they can say whatever they choose to get me to renew, but don't have to honor their offer! When I asked who I could speak with to escalate it even furhter, she said that there was no one else above her that I could speak to. I guess she runs Verizon Customer Service (very scary thought)! I told her that this was a fraudulent business practice and  transaction and I would be complaining to the Better Business Bureau. She simply said there was nothing she could do to help me. I have been a Verizon customer for decades! When I tried chatting online with Verizon fios on their facebook page and told them what I would do, they too sdimply said there was nothing they could do and sent me the link to the legal department.  Shame on Verizon for totally unethical behavior!

Re: Unethical practice to get me to renew contract - gift card promised but upon renewal won't honor
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Hi customer227,

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