Unfair Tech Visit Charge, was told no charge

After days of waiting, being tossed around for an hour each call with no help im stuck with a Tech visit charge and a repair charge to which we never gave permission to have complete.  I spoke to a representative, Avula, on chat to fix a new top box we ordered. Got a coax cable not connected, went throught the process was told to go where the exisitng box is and try there. Did that and still wouldnt work. Of course no one told me, until the tech came, that the main box needs to be connected to set up the smaller boxes. When setting up the tech visit with Avula, we were told we would not be charged unless the tech was to make repairs. If the tech was going to make a repair he would ask permission first since the charge would be 99$ and we had the right to refuse and not be charged. Ok fine, lets have the tech come out. We find that when they did the initial install that a cable was disconnected in the basement and thats it. Fine no big deal right? Well a vouple days later we get the bill and theres a $99 charge and a $60 charge for outlet work. WHAT?! They told me I wouldn't be charged anything! Of course i call up and get sent throught the ringer the first time being on the phone for an our or more going through at least 5 different people and then being told well a foreman has to call you back. Well they close the ticket and no one calls me to tell me anything about this but i still have  a charge. I call again to continue the dispute to find out they closed the tickets without asking me anything and switch me back and forth between billing to repairs to billing again to 3 different people in that dept. I did my best to be as nice as i could and explain why i should be charged anything but they say oh the tickets already closed we can't do anything.  But you told me I wouldn't have any charges unless the tech asked me to do a repair but your charging me? Basically told me that yes that's right. I saved the whole chat and said i can show you what I was told. Your rep lied to me so I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's lie. So hear I am, researching other cable options since Fios could care less about what they tell their customers and not hold to their word. My husband and i have been customers for years along with having cell service through Verizon but I'm starting to think twice about sticking with them for service on both ends since they find it ok to lie to their customers.

Re: Unfair Tech Visit Charge, was told no charge
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