Unjustified Technician Charge

I had Verizon TV service for one month and two days.  There was one particular channel I had not tried to access prior to this time.  The first time I tried to access this channel it would not come up.  In the process of diagnosing the problem I went through all of my subscribed channels and found one other that did not work.  The second one was the Accu Weather channel which I then remembered had not worked from day one, but I didn't care about that channel and did nothing at the time.

When I scheduled a technician visit, it was my understanding that I would have to pay for the visit if the problem turned out to be my fault or my equipment.  I also read on the Verizon web page that the technician would consult with me before doing anything that would incurr charges.

The service visit went well, and a problem was found with a loose coax connection between the wall outlet and the input to the cable box.  The original installer had messed with the wall outlet during the installation and had chosen to use an old piece of cable from Comcast to connect the cable box.  On the repair call, the technician removed the wall plate, tightened up the connectors (which were left loose by the first guy) and decided to replace the connectors on the ends of the old Comcast cable.  The old cable (in my opinion) was fully functional, but had a less than perfect crimp.  I could have easily replaced that cable on my own, and if it was not acceptable, it should have been replaced by the initial installer.

The is clearly a case of a defective installation, and there is no way I'm responsible for the results.  The initial installer should have tested the system and known that some of the channels were not working.

I am now being billed $99 for the service call and $60 for "Outlet Work".  There was nothing wrong with the outlet.  No part of the outlet was replaced.  He just tightened the connectors which were left loose by the original installer.

I was never told by the technician that there would be any charges.  If I has been told I would have been able to discuss the matter with him.  Anyone who states that the technician discussed the charge with me is lying.

I was also led to believe that if there were charges, the technician was supposed to present me with some sort of paperwork.  I received nothing, and I signed nothing.

There is no way I'm going to pay for a faulty installation, especially when the Verizon employee did not follow company policy by discussing the charges with me before hand.

In the process of discussing this with customer service, I was told all kinds of untrue things, like I would still have to pay for the service call even if the failure was in the Verizon supplied electronic equipment.  If this statement turns out to somehow be true, I will gladly find another cable supplier. 

Re: Unjustified Technician Charge

Hi TV_Ken,

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