Unsafe verizon manhole and utilities box in my backyard

I have a verizon utilities box / manhole in my backyard.  My wife called the county office earlier this year and they checked with Verizon and had confirmed that it is abandoned.  However, on Friday (11/17/17) when we came back from work, we were surprised that someone opened our fenced door and work has been performed.  We are totally disappointed and frustrated for the following:

  1. There is no front communication that work will be carried out from Verizon
  2. The work was not completed in a safe way (see attached picture)
    • The cover of the manhole is not properly close back
    • There is wire coming out from the manhole and extended to our neigbor house thru the fence
  3. How could Verizon informed the county and then to us that it is an abandoned pole and manhole and suddenly someone will come in and install new cable?

This is completely unacceptable behavior from Verizon.  While I understand they have the right to access, but a prior communication will be important, and then make sure their worker perform the work in the safest way possible.

Any suggestion what action I could take?  I check through Verizon webpage but there isn't a way to make this complain.  

P/S It has been more than 24 hours and nobody show up today to finish off the work

imageThe cable coming out from the manhole and go all the way to the fence before crossing into the next door neighborimageThe manhole not fully close up with the cable coming outimageCloser picture to sure how the cable going to the fence and crosing into the neigbor backyardimageThe manhole clearly has Veriszon logo on it

Re: Unsafe verizon manhole and utilities box in my backyard
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Try calling 1800Verizon or contact them on twitter @verizonsupport.

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