Unvalued Customer

I've been a longtime Verizon customer (wireless and Fios), and have been getting a valued customer discount. I was trying to renew my Triple Play package Saturday, and after getting a few quotes, picked a new package/price that I liked. The agent then went ahead to push the changes through, only to then tell me the system said it was impossible to give me the price she had emailed me to confirm. She gave me a phone number to call, which led to numerous runarounds and multiple calls trying to get someone who could help. Finally was able to get an agent to give me the customer loyalty phone number on Sunday (surprise, they only work 9-6 weekdays), and was told that the loyalty dept would definitely be able to help with additional discounts to get me to the price I was quoted.

I called the loyalty dept today, and long story short, they won't do anything. It turns out my valued customer discount would disappear as soon as I renew my contract, and the rep refused to offer any other discounts to get to the quoted price. Pretty amazing that I'm no longer considered a valued customer if I choose to renew my contract, and that Verizon Fios would expect me to pay MORE money than I do now for a LESSER package. Guess I'll have to take my business to one of their competitors.

Anyone else have similar issues where Verizon treated you as less than valued, and seemed to employ bait and switch? (Because seriously, don't promise me a price and then a few minutes later tell me I can't have that package unless I pay $20 more a month.)

Re: Unvalued Customer

This is an issue with not only fios but other providers as well. Its churn. 

Verizon gives you discounts to entice you. Others do as well. When your honeymoon period is over the prices normally increase, or you get another deal with less in the service.

people have a misconception of “loyalty” there is no such thing in business. We as consumers look for services at the lowest possible prices. We then look for a new better deal when prices rise. Companies know this. They know consumers don’t want to deinstalled services because consumers think its difficult. It is not.

i have our home wired for fios which has excellent service at internet only, but if pricing rates go up to high. I can flip right over to their competition.

its a game, but if you want to save money. You will have to play it.