Upgrading DVR

First let me say that I think Verizon is awful. Shamefully so. I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to upgrade my DVR on the website and have been unable to do so. So I tried to call...good luck with that. Eventually I got a recording...and the line dropped. Verizon is seriously disgraceful. How can they be allowed to buy Yahoo. Talk about the melding of two garbage cans. I spend hundreds of dollars on Verizon each month and am utterly unable to use their website or get any service...and I want to spend more money with them! First time I have come across a company that does not want my dollars. All I want to do is upgrade my DVR...utterly impossible to do so. Help...please...

Re: Upgrading DVR
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Community Leader

I've never had an issue.

So you log into your account.

Under my services, you can change equipment.

You can add or remove equipment and services.