Upset customer

I have been trying to make a complaint, however am unable to find how to do so. I just got off the phone with a supervisor for Verizon and I can not begin to express how disappointed I am in the customer service. As a customer for over two years I have not had a working phone in my house till this past saturday when we were able to get serviced by a tech who knew what he was doing. I have called numerous times about this along with the lack of internet service my house recieves. Many nights my husband and I do not have internet running into the house. This is all a background. I have never gotten upset and I have been nothing but loyal to verizon. However, with a growing family on the way I am watching every bill that my husband and I pay. Last month my bill shot up 15 dollars. I was able to call and get a discount, which was very much appreciated. Comcast is now servicing our area and I am looking for the best price for the same service. I decided to stay with Verizon because of the discount that was applied and also because I believe in staying a loyal customer. I was promised that the next months statement would reflect the new disocunt. They even issued me a $15 dollar credit so I would not have to pay the higher cost. I was very happy and appreciative. Well today the bill came in the mail and we are back to the higher price. I spoke with Liz a supervoisor. She was not understanding, she was rude was getting snippy over the phone.  She told me that the woman I dealt with last month was not right in saying that I would see the discount. Liz said it takes 45 days. This was not explained to me. Then I asked if I could recieve another credit so I wouldnt have to pay the higher cost especially since it was promised to me. She told me no. She said they could only give one credit per issue. So I suggested issuing a credit for the lack of phone service for the past two years or the horrible internet service I have had and again she told me no. She said I had no tickets in for this. Basically telling me I am lying. What happened to all of the calls my husband and I made. When I called to schedule the tech for this past weekend the woman who set my appointment was in shock when she ran my lines to see how bad it was. The tech who came saturday couldnt believe that we were paying for service this bad. But Liz was holding her ground and would not believe what I was saying. When I tell you I am disappointed I am beyond that. I am now angry. Not having phone service or terrible interent hasnt made me this upset. Dealing with a woman who just sounds like she is trying to get every dollar out of a customer is what really makes me upset. I am a sales person and this woman Liz does not know a thing about providing excellent service to a paying customer nor do I think she really cares. I hope that someone can tell me where to make a complaint. Liz told me she is the highest level employee and I would not be able to speak to a manager. I wonder if her position is the highest a complaint can get. If so I don't think Verizon is a company that treats its customers with respect. 

Re: Upset customer
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.