Used my $250 Prepaid Visa card all up and discarded the card, then I got a refund...


I bought a new TV with my $250 Prepaid Visa card and used the entire thing up in one shot. Wound up having an issue with the TV and returned it. They processed the refund and sent the $250 back to the Prepaid Visa card. The thing is, I don't have the card anymore, it was discarded by the register person when I bought the TV. I have my receipt and I know the last 4 digits of the Prepaid Visa card, so with that information, I just want to see if there is a way to look up the card's info so I can use it.


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Unfortunately the rules on debit cards or gift cards are not the same as credit cards.

if you retained the copy of the toll free number you could try calling them. However when you used the card it should have been as a cash card and of which you may have gotten cash. But most of these cards say no cash value.

you can also try contacting the stores manager but again they may not assist.

i hate them cards, I tell my friends and relatives to not get them for us. We just don’t use them.