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Your rewards program, excuse me, your so-called new & improved rewards program is a poor excuse for a rewards program.(Pardon the redundancy)Then again, thats exactly what you save cost on your end while showing your customers just how much you don't appreciate them. The 'powers at be' over at Verizon that sit behind their big desks collecting their big bonuses apparently like to do things like that frequently. I loved the little trick they pulled with us in deprioritizing us to the bottom of the towers for the past few years, because we refused to be pushed out of our 'grandfather plan'. When those little tricks didn't work, they decided to bump each line up by $2. What's ironic about that is the fact that our service has been slow even at the very beginning of a cycle, which means, if anything, that VerLIEzon should be crediting some people's accounts instead of increasing their bills. Unfortunately, most of us know how Verizon is when the fault lies with them. I'm so happy to say that I'm finally in a situation to leave this company & move on with another provider. 

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