VERIZON truck blocking my driveway-wouldn't move.
Not too pleased to show up to my house today and find a Verizon truck blocking my driveway. They asked me to park on the street while I had my 18 month old and 6 bags of groceries with me, telling me they couldn't move. I was already in a rush and was made late to our next appt and on top of it everyone was quite rude. No apologies, nothing. This isn't the first time either.
I lugged my 18 month old and all 6 bags of groceries down to the house myself. Then lugged her back to the car with all our gear.
We're not even Verizon customers. This is unacceptable. At the very least they should have asked.
Here's a picture.
Re: VERIZON truck blocking my driveway-wouldn't move.
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Community Leader

While annoying, not much they can do.

Once the guy is in the bucket, they can't move the truck without bringing it down, him getting out and securing the boom. That is not a quick process.

And although you may not be a Verizon customer, others are.

Same could happen to electrical lines.

Your house could be out of service and they have to park in front of someone else's house even though they aren't out.