Valuable service today!

I have always been able to pick up "wireless" connectivitiy with my laptop.  As of this Friday at one of my frequented locations, I was not able to do so and was quite surprised!  I spent 5 to 6 hours without having access to work remotely as a result of this. So this evening I called Verizon for "help" I am the farthest from technical savvy in all ways possible.

During my call initially, the first representative walked me thru several steps and determined my WLAN Card was not on and I needed to be transferred to Lenovo for further help,  in which he did transfer me. Lenovo's line rung for at least 30 times so I hung up and called Verizon back.

This time Tahaafe answered and went the extra mile in helping me.  He saw that the previous representative was very thorough in going thru the necessary steps to get me up and running but to no avail, it didn't work. Tahaafe gave me the # for Lenovo and he also suggested I logon to their website because that would also be of service without having to wait to call (not knowing if they were open on a Sunday evening or not).  While he was continuing to talk, I plugged in my LAN cord and pulled up the site and I was reading off verbiage from the site to him. And he asked "Oh...have you pulled up the site already"..and I answered ..."Yes I did".  He said well input the brand of your laptop and look for BIOS settings...and i believe about 2000 items returned and I just wanted to cry ..I had no idea what I was looking for.  And then Tahaafe said.."here do you mind if I log into your system and assist you"...and I screamed ..."Of course I don't mind'! 🙂 . And he did and he looked around the system and asked me a few more questions...and needless to say..I just need to "flip my switch"...ok yes...embarrassing..but nevertheless ..he took the 'additional" time ..went the extra mile to assist someone who is not technical savvy at all!!!! 

Kudos to Tahaafe!  He saved my day...he saved my week!  Thank you very much Tahaafe! 🙂 I'm sooo happy ...and I had to share on this forum!