Verizion will not refund me my $$$
I went into a Best Buy La Jolla Village Drive store on January 22nd to get a new cell phone and worked with a mobile rep called "Cody". At the time I decided to go with Verizon Wireless and told the rep I had moved to the USA about 3 weeks prior. When we went to enter information for a Verizon phone he said Verizon wants a $400 deposit which I gave my bank card to do. Then Verizon decided to decline my application and he said they will not give you the phone, so I left and was told the money would deposited back right away.
The money was never deposited back, I revisited the store on January 30th and spent time with "Cody" again to understand what was going on. He worked with me for over an hour to track down his Verizon rep and ask what was going. After everything he said Verizon has all the information now and that and the end of January they will process it and 2 weeks from then they deposit back the $400.
To date, Verizon has not done this and Verizon will not even acknowledge it when I call their customer support. Likewise no one at Best Buy offered me any way to track this with Verizon.
I contacted Best Buy and they said you need to reach "Verizon Customer Care" since their store rep does not have the power to un-do this and give my money back, I call Verizon customer care and they send me in a circle or hang up.
Who at Verizon can solve this for me? They owe me $400 for almost 2 months now.
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