Verizon About ther customers or money terrible service

On April 16 I ordered over the phone six phones from Verizon. One was Samsung ultra 22, 4 apple iPhone 12 Pro Max’s and a Samsung ultra 20. During the telephone conversation I received a email from Verizon for my order. I noticed that the order was wrong but by the time I tried to say something to the customer representative he hung up. I tried to call back but by the time I got to the area I need it to they were closed. So I tried to call back the following day to let them know the order was wrong. When I spoke to someone they told me that I had to wait until I got the phones to change out the one that was wrong. On April 18, 2022 I had to have a total knee replacement and ended up being in the hospital for two days. I received the phones on April 20 of 2022. My husband and I had to go to the Verizon store after I got out of the hospital. We went to the store there was another customer in there that was upset because his very first bill was $687. it was just him and his wife on the line with an iPad. When my husband heard this he said no give them their phones back we will just go to another company. When I first ordered the phones I was charged $401.67. Verizon only refunded me $346.19 . When I asked him where was the rest of my money the manager of the Verizon corporate store in Benton Arkansas told me that they will refund me the rest of my money when the phones were processed in. The next following day I had a doctors appointment and also had to go to Verizon to return the Apple Watch that I ordered because he did not come in at the same time is the phones. I spoke to the same manager on this day and I inquired about my refund from the phones/watch. He told me that I was charged a restocking fee for the telephones that I had purchased. There rule states that if open after 14 day a restock fee is charged. I never open never activated….. AGAIN Now the phones never were activated the phones never came out of their original packaging I didn’t even open up the FEDEX box. [Jordan the manager at the store opened up both boxes.] I ended up in store over an hour and a half trying to talk to the manager about my money. I was highly upset blood pressure was high & my leg was Hurting. you can tail that Jordan the manager of the store did not wanna help me he kept walking around not trying to assist me at all. When I left out of the store I was so upset mad that I couldn’t see straight. So my daughter and my boys told me to close my eyes for a few seconds so that I can calm down. I ended up dozing off for about 30 minutes next thing I know the police are knocking at my vehicle door.[during this time my boy went to Chili’s across tithe street.] They asked me was OK and I told them yes. Then they asked me what was I doing their sleep . I explained the situation to them and then they told me that the manager of the Verizon store in Arkansas called the cops on me. The Cops threaten to arrest me because I was there in the parking lot. So Now it 06/03/2022 and still no refund. Verizon has put in several tickets but denied them. Verizon telling me that they keep filing it under the wrong category. THIS WHOLE EXPERIENCE HAS HORRIBLE. THEY DONT GIVE A FLYING FLIP ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS AT ALL ALLL THEY WANT IS JUST TO FILL THERE POCKETS!!! NOW IF U OWED THEM THEY WANT TO ADD LATE FEES. VERIZON YALL HAVEN REFUND ME THE REST OF MY MONEY. VERIZON NEED TO Compensate me!!!!!  YES I SAID IT !!! COMPENSATED!!!!  The embarrassment the stress they cause me. My 16 yr old daughter crying because she was scared. Treat folks the way you wanna be treat!!!!  BBB HAS BEEN CALLED, EMAILED AND WRITTEN TO!!!!  IDC IF THEY ARE THE LAST CELL PHONE COMPANY LEFT I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM BUSINESS EVERY!!! 

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