Verizon Billing and Services complaint and compensation requested

I am hoping that someone will respond and I get some compensation/reimbursement on for my services.  I have remained with Verizon because I used ot have faith in the company, the services and the handling of customer issues fairly and in a timely manner, none of whch has taken place thus far.  I must admint that the Tech Support team and techs that have been dispactched have been very kind and diligent in their persuit of a resolution, however, unfortuately, we have not reached that point yet.   I have another tech visit this month.  Also, as crazy as this may sound, I was going to place an order this week for an addtional tv outlet and box, however, with the recent developments, I may have to rethink that, as well as posibly ending my relationship/partnership with Verison that exceeeds 20 years and go with a different provide/carrier for: home phone, Internet, cable and Wireless services. 

I have grown tired and frustrated, not to mention disappointed, at the treatment that I have received from some Verizon staff and supervisors/management. I have experienced issues with my home phone services since we changed from copper to FiOS, per the suggestion of an agent over 6 years ago.  We have had issues since then and the issue has worsened over the years.  Some may have fled from Verizon to another carrier, but we stayed and endured the issues.  Recently we have had several medical emergencies where the issues with the phone service have had a negative impact.  As a gesture of ‘good faith’ and as a reflection of Verizon’s Code of Conduct, Mission Statement, as well as any other polices that are applicable, I contact Verizon back in October for a credit.  I have received no follow-up, response or justification for a denial on my request.  I have called over and over again for a status, to reopen the request and to get compensation, as a gesture of ‘good faith’ from Verizon to no avail.  However, I do continually get my bill and pay it.  I did receive 1 voice mail message from a Verizon Billing agent and when I called back to the 800 number, no Keisha and no answers.  Requested a credit of good faith from Verizon Billing in October and am still looking for resolution.  I just spoke to another Verizon Billing Agent on 2/16/18 @ 9AM EST, who promised follow-up and resolution, but again, I have been discarded like trash.  I advised that same Billing  agent that my next steps would be Corporate.  Again, to be fair, I called today and was basically called a liar, not in the direct terms, and was advised that my issues began in October of 2017, which is absolutely false.  I just spoke to yet another Verizon Billing agent and that agent’s  supervisor, who did not have the common decency to get on the phone nor to make any effort to come up with an amical and fair resolution – 2/28 12:20PM EST, basically called me a liar and that nothing will be done.  Since there has been no follow-up or contact by Verizon,  I am looking for this to be escalated and resolved in a timely manner.  It has been raised multiple times to the billing department.  The requests for a claim has been closed twice, with no contact to me and with no justification as to why I cannot be credited since my phone service still does not work properly.  I have had medical emergencies where my elderly mother-in-law, my handicapped sister-in-law and son, as well as father-in-law and my youngest child could not reach my home.  I have a disabled husband that depends on the phone and I have had times where I had to leave work because the phone service was not working and I could not get in touch with him.  I originally asked for on $667 for the users of problematic service and now I am seeking for an additional $2189 for a total of $2856 which equates to $34 monthly rate x 84 years of phone issues – 7.  I have been stressed, inconvenienced and lied to by many individuals in the Billing department.  I must say that both financial services and tech support have been stellar in their assistance with payment arrangements and with troubleshooting the issue; however, they cannot determine the origin or how to resolve the issue. 

Platinum package for Home Internet and phone

$19.00 Phone rate  

$34 monthly rate x 84 years of phone issues – 7 = $2856

Wireless from $200 - $400 a month

Re: Verizon Billing and Services complaint and compensation requested
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

Follow up on my reported issue

I reported an issue last week and I was very upset and dsipleased at the service received.  As a result, I took to the blog and corporate headquarters and contacted them.  I was contacted the same day and actions have been taken across the various departments to address my issues and concerns (treatment, credit, issue resolution, etc.),  They have been in contact contact with me with updates and to follow up.

I must say that their actoins and responses to the issues and their concern with my feelings and services shows that they do truly value their customers and have no problems with escalating issues and getting them resolved in a timely manner.  My family, friends and associates are aware of the ongoing issue with the services and everything thus far, so I want to make sure that this is communicated to everyoine possible.

** PLEASE NOTE:  I am trying to figure out how to add to my post as an update, but I am going this path for now because it is important that not only the bad, but also the good be communicated.**

Thank you.

Long-time and Loyal Verizon Customer (phone, HSI, cable and wireless for over 20+ years)