Verizon Blocking My Driveway

all I would like to know is: Verizon showed up at my home, no biggie and do not mind they are here, it appears they are hanging new lines possibly? not sure I just don't understand how I'm supposed to plan my day if they are blocking my driveway (they cant help that). i wasn't notified they would be coming and if there was an emergency i would be in a tough spot as its not their fault the driveway is  set up this i guess i would like to ask how long would they normally take to do this and a suggestion would be to contact residence when things like this would be taken place on such and such day etc so that we have notice to work around this! its somewhat rude for those in "middle of no where" areas to get trapped without notice. 

while i would go outside ask these men myself i do believe this is a company courtesy issue that should be implemented and taken care with respect of people within their homes. 

thank you for any help as I have tried to get this answer on my own!! a rough idea is all I ask to plan my day accordingly 

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Community Leader

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking mostly to other customers here.  If you want to reach Verizon, I suggest you call or chat with them.

If I were you, I'd be talking with the people operating the truck.  They will know better than anyone what they are doing, how long it will take and when the can move the truck.  The front line support people will most likely not have any immediate way to get information about the work or to contact the workers.  Just go outside and talk to them!