Verizon Customer Service Issue

I work in senior housing. Our tenants are in their 80's and 90's. Verizon techs and reps are CLUELESS when it comes to helping older adults. And it seems that their system is constantly glitching or having a myriad of issues--we rarely have any issues with Comcast. 

I spent almost 2 hours on the phone three days ago after a Verizon technician screwed up one of our tenant's TVs. Instead of sending out a tech to check on the problem, they had me troubleshoot the system for 2 hours. The tenant who was having problems is almost 90, and on oxygen at all times. The rep wanted her to unplug and replug almost everything. I explained this to the rep on the phone a hundred times, but she was downright refusing to schedule a technician to come out. If their tech is responsible for the problem, why is it that the client is then made responsible to correct their mistake?

Yesterday, after an outage, a number of our tenants lost TV and Internet access. I called Verizon on their behalf, and the rep was trying to convince me that it was a utility issue and to call the electrical company. WHAT?! I went into our utility closet, put the phone up against one of the main Verizon boxes so he could hear the clicking sounds that were coming from THEIR box. Before that, the rep was REFUSING to schedule for service. I explained to the rep a hundred times that the clients without service were seniors, and asked for them to send out someone the same day, but he didn't seem to care.  Before ending the call, the rep informed me that the phone lines are on battery power, but should be fine till the next day. Two of the tenants who now have no phone service have serious heart issues. One of them just returned from being in rehab. The rep says there's nothing he can do, and a tech will be dispatched tomorrow morning. 

Fast forward to yesterday in the evening, and the phones go down, too. After 2 hours on hold, the rep (much more pleasant and compassionate than the guy I spoke to in the morning) assures me we will be the first job and the tech would be in the building by 8:30. Guess what, 9:15 rolled around, and no one showed up. Called Verizon again, and the rep, who frankly didn't seem to care, tells me she got a hold of the tech and he is now on the way. A second later, I receive a text update that Michael is en route. **bleep** was this dude waiting for? Hurry up. I ask her how long he's going to take to get there, and she wasn't responding. I told her if it will be within 15 minutes, and that when she said: "yes, he'll be there in 15 minutes". Michael finally showed up, and I'm not kidding you he came to the door exactly 15 minutes after the end of the phone call, almost as if he was timing it. 

We have both Verizon and Comcast available in our building. I am going to be blatantly honest with any new tenants about Verizon and their horrid customer service. Verizon should be ashamed for not understanding or caring about the gravity of phones not working for seniors. Some have life-lines that do not work without a phone line. It's not a joke. I myself am planning on switching back to Comcast as soon as my contract with Verizon is over. 

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Re: Verizon Customer Service Issue
Hi mona8708,

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