Verizon / DirecTV Bundle
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We currently have the Verizon FiOS bundle (tv, internet, phone) but our contract is up in September.  Prior to switching to exclusively Verizon, we were DirecTV customers.  Although I was not entirely happy with them, we are considering switching back.  However, I am interested in learning if anyone using this service has any RECENT issues / concerns / complaints to share that I should take into account prior to signing up.  My husband really misses the Sunday Ticket plan that is exclusive to DirecTV - and don't mention the Red Zone channel that Verizon offers, because it is NOT the same.  I welcome any feedback that anyone is willing to share.  

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Re: Verizon / DirecTV Bundle
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almost 2 months trying fios and I cant handle it! DVR and remote are from 10 years ago. Just got off the phone with diectv and swithing back next week. Too bad verizon wont bundle with'd think theyd want to keep customers? DTV has too many good features on their remote dvr and verizon is unfriendly to dvr users