Verizon FIOS Network Extender
Enthusiast - Level 3

A truly effective wi-fi extender! I ordered it from Verizon ($6/month or $99 purchase). Came by UPS in two days. The package included both a coax cable and an ethernet cable All I had to do is plug in the power cord, connect the Extender to an active Ethernet data port and put in a somewhat long password (which appears on the device label). After a few moments a green LED light came on which signalled a successful "hand shake"with the Verizon wi-fi router.
The result was phenomenal

:BEFORE ( Wi-Fi signal over the current Verizon router): 30.19/20.90  (dowload/upload Ookla speed test) 
AFTER ( WiFi signal with the Verizon Network Extender): 82.05/87.05!

Note: For those with FIOS TV, the extender can also be connected via a coax cable 

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