Verizon Fios Contractors Damaged My Yard!

End of March/Beginning of April, contractors in Verizon marked vehicles started working on the side of our house (we are on a corner lot) along the road.  They did NOT notify us of what they were doing but they dug up our yard and installed what look like access panels in 2 locations.  They dug up our grass to install these panels and then left the ground all dirt, very uneven and didn't even make an attempt to replace or plant any grass seed.

They were back and forth for a week or two so I thought they would come back to finalize it and plant grass seed but 3 weeks later still nothing.

April 24th -- placed my FIRST call to Verizon Fios customer service.  Was told a ticket would be entered and I would get a call from a Supervisor within 2 business days.

April 24th -- received a call from a Verizon Rep saying they were the "Middle person" and confirmed the email was in to the Supervisor -- Ronald something and that he would call me Monday.

April 28th -- no call from a Supervisor but another contractor came and started digging in our yard again.  This gentleman was kind enough to tell us what was happening -- Verizon was going to be installing a Fios Pole in our yard!  He explained that he was there to dig and confirm there was enough clearance to install it.

April 29th -- This guy came back out and notified us that they will NOT be installing the poll (Thank god!) because the water line is in the way.  He said he would put the hole back together the best he can.

April 30th -- the same guy came to the door and said that he would be back the next day to finish filling in the hole and put the grass back -----he never came back.

May 8th -- SECOND call to Verizon Fios customer service....was told again that a Supervisor would call me in 2 business days.

May 8th -- received a call from a Verizon Rep (the middle person again) stating that the Supervisor (Ronald, again) would call me Monday.


May 15th -- THIRD call to Verizon Fios customer service...was told that the 2 other times I called the Reps put my ticket in wrong and instead of putting it in as a damage complaint, it was put in as wires down so the Supervisor just closed the ticket out stating that there were no issues.  Ensured me that they would be putting in the correct ticket and a Supervisor WILL call me in 2 business days.

May 15th -- received a call from the middle person again stating that now another Supervisor (someone different than Ronald this time but I don't remember his name) would call me and ensured me that this Supervisor has always followed up with his customers and was very good.

May 15th -- received a call from Lambert's Cable Splicing Company, she said that they were Verizon contractors and after discussing my issues she then told me that she is not the right person or department and said that she would work on getting the correct department to contact me.  Explained how many calls I've made over this now and told her I had pictures of damage.  She gave me an email to send the pictures to (which I sent right away and she responded to confirm receipt and said she would forward to the construction department same day).

May 20th -- NO RESPONSE -- emailed and asked for an update at 11:40am.

As of right now, May 21st @ 9:42am -- NO RESPONSE AND NO RESOLUTION.  My yard still looks like **bleep** and I have absolutely no idea who I need to call to get this fixed.  We take a lot of pride in the way our home looks, we keep our grass looking cut and nice, we even clean our curbside to make sure it stays looking nice.  We have always been Verizon customers but the fact that they would use contractors that have no regard for a person's yard makes me seriously consider switching.  I need our yard fixed or a MASSIVE credit on our account so we can afford to fix this.

Re: Verizon Fios Contractors Damaged My Yard!

Hi Wendlin21,

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