Verizon Fios Eludes Honoring Teacher discounts Using a "Jumping Through Hoop Scheme".

 I have called, emailed, uploaded my teacher certification to exhaustion.  I received the "congratulation you have been verified".  However, to date have not received the $15 monthly dollars discount as promised on the initial sales call.  As having worked in telecommunication and marketing I can see where this is going.  First,  I can now assume that is a partner and not a subdivision  of Verizon.  This explains why   I am the proverbial ping pong ball that gets bounced back and forth from Verizon customer service to automated email. That tells me to register again.  Basically, the goal is wear the customer down until they give  up asking for the pie in the sky discount.  Meanwhile has my personal information to sell,as well as Verizon.  I don't know why companies, especially  the industry of  telecom,  always feel they have to lie to gain a customer. It is also compelling to note that corporate clients  are not  treated with the  slight of  hand that ordinary customers are treated with.  It has been my experience as a customer service and account manger that customer retention is gained best when integrity and fidelity are applied.  What makes this ploy  particularly dishonorable on the part of Verizon and is that you are taking advantage of public servants.   I guess I will have to take this up with Consumer Affairs.  Also, it should be revealed to customers upfront the relationship with partners. For example, is not part of Verizon. In addition , that the discount being offered to public servants is not through Verizon but through None of this was explained to me by anyone I spoke with at Verizon. I had to search the internet for this clarification.  Had I known this. I might have waved  the fake offer  as I would have been suspect of, and would have not registered with them and sent them my certification numbers. God knows if their site is even secure. I feel very vulnerable right now that my personal information may be and/or will be compromised.  Verizon, ask yourself are your sales tactics and partnership with a turnkey for customer confidence and longevity ? 

Re: Verizon Fios Eludes Honoring Teacher discounts Using a "Jumping Through Hoop Scheme".

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