Verizon Gift Card can't be used
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I recently renewed my FIOS contract and was told I would recieve a Verizon gift card in a few months yesterday I finally recieved it. I intended to use it to pay my FIOS bill.

Upon closer inspection it isn't a Verizon gift card it's a Verizon Wireless gift card.

I don't have Verizon Wireless and I don't intend to switch. Why would I be sent a Verizon Wireless gift card if my account info clearly shows I don't have your wireless service?

I checked on My Verizon and there's no way to enter a gift card to pay my FIOS bill.

So what happens now? Is my card useless? 

Re: Verizon Gift Card can't be used
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Your services are not linked.

So the FIOS folks don't know if you have VZW or not.

It may be useless to you.

But you can check with someone who has VZW service.

If you are luck they will do an even exchange (cash for card).

All of the renewals I have seen do say it is a VZW card.

Re: Verizon Gift Card can't be used

Actually on dslreports it has been said you can pay from online one time pay under other. There is a drop down and select gift card etc. you should be able to use it.

in addition to what the other poster suggested, you could give it as a gift, or you could simply find another Verizon wireless user who will purchase from you as was suggested.

the offer did state for a Verizon Wireless Card. It is a promotional gimmick