Verizon Hpone/Fios business didn't even respond for the manager call back request

Just have a very bad situation with Verizon Business.

Asked several customer service for manager call back for 4 times, and got 0 calls back from Verizon.

Even in NY state, Verizon state they already have notice on the regular bill around the time 2 yr contract ending and wrote in the 4th page for inconsistent information saying it will get renewed.

On Sep, 2017 bill, it states "Solutions for Business Line(s) Commitment Period thru Commitment Period thru Fios Internet 50M/50M - 2YR Commitment Period thru Nov 13, 2017" (No rephrase, they print it as is, sate the thru with empty date on bundle.)

On Oct, 2017 bill, it sates "Solution Business Line(s) Commitment Period thru Commitment Period thru" (Again, with not date provided, and even not mention for Fios as last bill)

On Nov, 2017 bill, it state "Fios Internet 50M/50M - 2YR Commitment Period thru Nov 13, 2017"

On Dec, 2017 bill, it says "Fios Internet 50M/50M -2YR Commitment Period thru Nov13, 2019"

When we tried to change our phone plan on Jan 20, 2018, we just realized that all phone and Internet service are renewed, and asking for $2500 for ETF for phone plan, and when talking to their customer services, some of them just keep saying the list of item in the bill of "Fios Internet 50M/50M" is contain in the bundle and that's why whole bundle got renewed, they don't need to specify in the section for items, they already list bundle item at the top of bill.

Since we are in NY state, I thought it is protected by GOB ยง 5-903 which provider should send proper notice via certified mail, or phone call to service receiver in order to make the auto-renew sufficient.

We are still keep calling them to figure these out but Verizon seems just claim that their information are all correct, and just trying to convince people like us should know every term and wording which Verizon use to know a part of bundle mentioned will represent a whole set, a bill will be a proper notice to service receiver.

Verizon service quality is good, but the customer service and response might not.

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Customer Service Rep

We hate to hear that you're having troubles with your business account and would love to help.  Unfortunately, only our business team can assist with this.  You can reach them at 1-800-837-4966.


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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.