Verizon Ignored Me as a Customer Then Tried to Lure Me Back

I signed up for a FIOS triple play in 2010 @$129.99. Six years later my monthly bill is over $250 and I'm done. I call customer service explaining that my bill is too high and I'm thinking of leaving. I ask if there is anything that they can offer so that I'm not forced to switch. Their answer was "Sorry, no". So I switched. Two months later I get a letter from Verizon..."We understand that you've cancelled your FIOS service. Is there anything that we can do to change your mind?". Really Verizon? They offered a triple play pkg for $59.99 with a lower tier TV plan, phone and 50/50 internet. By the time they add charges for set top boxes, router, taxes and fees I'm at well over $100. Plus my current plan has 100/100 internet and I get 134 Mbps on 5G .With FIOS I got 28/19 max from a 75/75 plan. I'm insulted that they ignored me as a customer then tried to lure me back with such a cheezy offer. No more 2 year contracts or hidden charges for me. My next step is an internet only plan coupled with the best streaming service available. Verizon should learn how to value customers.

Re: Verizon Ignored Me as a Customer Then Tried to Lure Me Back
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This is fairly common for service providers.

Cable, cell phone, even credit cards will offer teaser rates that existing customers can't get.

I bleive the reason is that most people won't bother to chase the cheapest rate.

Too much work to change out equipment, email addresses, etc.

And that's if you even have a choice.