Verizon, Make Some of These Changes & Ideas a Reality
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I’m with you also, as I suffer the same headache. We pay close to $250 bucks a month for 75mbps internet, digital voice service (which only allows us to block up to 100 numbers, and those blocked numbers can still leave voicemails), and the crappy deal with not being able to use our digital devices to more easily watch some of our favorite shows when we’re out and about or in a part of the house without a TV. Speaking of their Digital Voice Service, they need to come up with something that helps log and block incoming calls from Spammers, Phishing Scams, Telemarketers, Those Using Caller-ID masks displaying a phone number that is actually disconnected (meaning you can’t trace the call back to them) and other Non-Desireables. We started using NoMoRobo and it has done a great job of catching Robot Calls and a good chunk of the Telemarketing Community. 

A family friend just left Verizon to get Optimum and she gets 200mbps internet, access to all of the mobile channel apps, free WiFi hotspot access mostly anywhere she goes and she’s on Public Assistance.  Who does the math here at Verizon? No wonder many people are switching over or going with Sling and Roku. The insane thing I still cannot comprehend is that when I called Verizon to inquire about re-upping our two year contract, it would be more money than I’m paying now. I said to the rep, “You’re trying to tell me that I’d be better off just not signing another two year contract and keeping everything as it is unless I’d rather pay the higher rate for the same phone, internet and programming package,” SERIOUSLY? Nothing like a stupid scheme to give Verizon my money, although I would tend to think they’d make more if they did lock people into the contract again. 

Another thing these dumb cable companies need to do is come up with a true ala carte plan where you pay only for the channels you want, not some package with similarly grouped channels. That way we won’t get channels we don’t want to watch or have no need for, and secondly not having to page down through 800 channels of crap programming that we don’t watch to begin with. 

I will actually repost this as it’s own comment as I could almost guarantee that there are a boatload of Verizon FIOS Customers thinking & feeling the same was as we do, but after reading your post wanted to reply to say thanks for posting your thoughts. I guess I kinda got a little carried away as I wrote more and more. LOL. 

And people wonder why I don’t have Verizon cell phone service. 

I’m not expecting an intelligent, truthful and heartfelt answer from the Verizon staff on this one as I’m sure they’d be reading it off a script that a secretary of someone making a six figure salary wrote. 

Thanks for for everyone’s time and hope that you all are having a great week. 

Oh and Verizon, Get you’re crap in order and make some of these changes & ideas a reality and I’ll bet you’ll keep some of us as loyal customers.

Re: Verizon, Make Some of These Changes & Ideas a Reality
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Couple of things:

1) All cable companies give better new customer rates than existing customers. Their numbers show that once they have a customer, a large number stick around.

2) Cable companies don't control a la carte. The content providers do. Verizon tried a few years back to allow you to drop ESPN. ESPN sued Verizon and made them put it back. And some studies show that unless you really want just a few channels, you can end up paying more for a la carte (content providers get paid for every subscriber who has a channel in their package regardless of viewers. If you only pay for channels you watch and aren't subsidized by other non watchers, price goes up) than the package with more channels.

3) All phone providers struggle with spam calls. If they don't show up as unknown, they just spoof someone else's number.

4) This is mainly a peer to peer support forum so Verizon doesn't post here.