Verizon Sales Reps are horrible!

On Oct 3, I was chatting with a Rep "Jessica", on how to get new set top boxes.  I was considering going to Fios One.  She quoted me 3 different prices, all inconsistent with what I saw online.   In the end, I did order online, via a cart she saved for me, only to find out that the rep Jessica REMOVED all of the package discounts for my plan (not related to set top boxes).  There was no plan change requested, and this is was never disclosed that it would change, either online or from the rep (and yes I have the chat full transcript)!   

I get an email showing the discounts removed in an order confirmation email,  which is how I discovered the issue, and the price per month is now $30 more every month.  I immediately reach out on chat again and get agent "Mike".  I tell him I'm upset and have been lied to and it bascially a bait and switch has occurred.  I ask for a supervisior, but good old Mike tries to tell me that that was just a quote not a confirmation.  My email clearly says Order Confirmation.  After going around in circles with Mike for 20 minutes, and me requesting either email or someone I could talk by voice, and being told no, I told Mike I have a hard time seeing the chat screen (which I do) and he finally gives me a phone number to call.  At least Mike understands about vision impairment policies!  (and yes I have a copy of this chat as well!)

I call and get a live rep.  They look up my account, and say Yes, I see the problem.  They are not sure how to get my discounts back.  So I ask, can you cancel the order?  Then I will do a new one with you after it is cancelled.  He say yes.  He attempts to cancel the order, (as a new order) only it won't go through as the system to send a text to my phone is down.  So he asks for my email, and says I will get a confimation within an hour.  And he would call back the next day to place the new order.  I and am happy, FINALLY I have someone who knows something!

Only, I never get anything via email or text.

The weekend passes and on the following Monday I get a text that I have something in my cart.  I go look and it's totally wrong!  It's yet another price that is now $50 more than what I am paying now, per month!, not including a one time charge!   For a replacement of 3 set top boxes with no plan changes?  Verizon, ou've got to be kidding me! 

I looked at your competitors prices.  I can get everything I have now with you plus a better Internet speed for $80 less per month!!   You care about signign up new customers, but customers of over 11 years are just supposed to take these lies and not diclosing addditonal costs/eremoval of discounts?   Enough!  Give me someone who knows what they are doing or I'm gone!

Re: Verizon Sales Reps are horrible!
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Hi spiritcentral,

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