Verizon Store Salesmen lied and scammed

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Salesmen - Matt {edited for privacy}

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What happened - 

April 2013, bought new iphone in store to replace old cracked screen, but still totally working, iphone.

Matt {edited for privacy} insisted on buying the insurance plan. He said, pretty much verbatim, "You break it, you lose it, you drop it in the toilet.. you get a new one for free." 

I said "Really for free?" He said, "Yeah! but you can only do it twice a year".

First lie, as it's not free.. you still have to pay $100 something. But regardless, I agreed and got the insurance. 

As we were fininsihing the transaction, Matt {edited for privacy} asked me if I wanted to sell him my old cracked screen phone for $40 cash.

I said, "I don't know, I might need it as a backup phone in case something happens to my new one."

Matt {edited for privacy} responds, "Ahh don't worry, you've got the insurance!"

I said, "Ok." And this verizon employee bought my old phone from me for cash. I know I wasn't doing anything wrong, but is it Verizon policy to allow their employees to make side cash offers on customers phones? 

I wouldn't mind, only now, a year later.. My phone was stolen. 

I walk into that very same verizon store confident I've got insurance. Turns out.. there's no record of the insurance.

I explained my story, and the representatives at this store in {edited for privacy} told me that Matt {edited for privacy} usually works at a store in Conneticut.. ? Yeah, weird. And that he's not going to be in the {edited for privacy} store again for a while.

So they gave me Matt {edited for privacy} cell phone number.

I called hi. I explained myself, he eventually remembered selling me the phone and said, "Yeah I do remember getting you the insurance. I never usually let a customer go without buying the insurance." 

He say's he needs to look into it and he'll give me a call back. I am as pleasant as can be and tell him, "No problem".

A week goes by and he doesn't call. I call him again. "Ooh sorry, you were the next person on my list to call!" says Matt.

Next he tells me that even though we was sure he signed me up for the insurance, he unfortunatly couldn't find any computer work to indicate that he put it in.

Matt trying to avoid looking at fault at all costs, relunctanly, says, "Yeah I don't know what to tell you.. I thought I put it in".

Matt's only solution was that he could sell me a used iphone for $200 cash. Nah, wasn't going for that. 

I have been a verizon customer for over a decade.. have spent tens of thousands of dollars. Verizon, one of your employees, who REPRESENTS YOUR COMPANY, screwed up. Lied. Tried to dance around the issue. And I'm sure broke at least several Verizon policies.

And now I'm being told that I am out of luck. That I need to wait a year for my upgrade.. or spend even more money on the edge upgrade..

When I should have been insured and had a new phone by now had it not been for the incompetence of your employee. 

I've been using a 3 year old flip phone for a month now. That flip phone just stopped working and I have NO phone.

This issue is unresolved and as a loycal customer to Verizon I need this to be adressed and for my inconviences to be reasonably compentsated.

Ot at the VERY LEAST, getting me a new iphone for the price I would have paid had Matt {edited for privacy} not screwed up the insurance. 

Thank you.

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