Verizon Visa Credit Card, Not Receiving Rewards for an ENTIRE Year
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I have not received any of my rewards from my Verizon Visa Credit Card for the ENTIRE year of 2022.

Originally, I was getting notifications on my phone that my credit card was deactivated in January of 2022 and I will not have access to my rewards after February 19, 2022. I didn't make any changes and my card was in good standing, so I went to my local Verizon store and they assured me that the issue would sort itself out. Well, I got a few more notifications warning me that I would lose access and then Feb 19 comes around and I did lose access to my rewards. I could not use them to pay for anything, the option is completely gone. Everything worked normal before this and I was able to use my rewards to pay my bill and such.

I then preceded to go to my local Verizon store every month or two for the rest of 2022, saying that I do not have access. We call the Verizon people and they assured me each time that in 30-60 days it will be fixed. I had also personally called the Verizon Visa card service people and was directly told they could not help me. It is January 17, 2023 and I still do not have access to using my earned rewards. I have now been waiting 7 weeks on an "Account Manager" to help with this, claiming that this is a Synchrony issue. I have never talked with this person nor have I gotten an update about this which I have gone in several times requesting an update for this issue. 

I have called Synchrony multiple times and they say that this is a Verizon issue and they cannot do anything to help me. They also tell me that I am still earning my rewards and that they are sending my reward money to Verizon.  In fact, I can see on the Synchrony (Verizon Visa) side how much I earn each month.

I have looked in the forums and I have found several topics of similar issues where people use their card and they don't get their rewards or don't have access to their rewards and give up trying since it never gets fixed. 

My question is, will I ever get access to my rewards that I have signed up for with my Verizon Visa credit card because this really shouldn't take over 1 YEAR to fix, especially after I have gone into the Verizon store over a dozen times to resolve this issue?

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