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This is for the Verizon web manager. It would be nice if there were a better way to get useful feedback to you on the website as it could use some improvements in many areas. 

Would it be possible to add a catagory on the website's "Contact Us" page that deals specifically with storm damage. With the increasing numbers of storms that have damaging winds, rain, snow and/or ice, it seems that there should be a more direct way to contact Verizon to report downed lines and or general disruption of service. The current catagories have little to do with these situations and only serve to confuse the consumer trying to figure out who to get info to.

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Community Leader
Community Leader

For whatever reason, Verizon has lumped contact for outages and support all together regardless of reason.

So storm outages are reported to 1800Verizon or twitter @verizon support.

FYI, this forum is mainly a peer to peer support forum.