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I had an odd experience with a Verizon Wireless CSR yesterday.  I was trying to activate a new phone and had an issue.  I called support.  It took a little while but the problem got resolved.  I thanked the CSR and ended the call.  A minute or so later I got a text with a link to rate the performance of the CSR.  Since I was still getting the phone set up I decided the do the survey later.  I got a call from the same CSR asking me to complete the survey right away.  I found that annoying and told him I'd do it later.  A few minutes later I began completing the survey but had to stop to do something else.  I got another call from the same CSR saying he'd decided I should get a $30 reduction in my next bill.  He then asked me to complete the survey.  He also asked why I rated him as I did.  This is ridiculous and really annoying and I let him know that.  I warned him not to call me again.  Is this something new with Verizon wireless support or just an anomaly?

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