Verizon account error wrecking our credit

Back in March, 2022, I started a new job and my wife and I had to transition our Verizon plans from my previous employer business account; my account to my new employers business plan and my wife to her own personal plan. My Verizon plan transition from previous to new employer went fine. The transition of my wife's plan from my previous employer to her own personal plan has been a disaster. First, the employee at the Verizon store in Pocatello, ID opened the incorrect plan (post paid). We were told to call Verizon the next business day (this was a weekend) and they would get it corrected. My wife called that proceeding Monday and after several hours of automated transfers, being put on hold, and disconnects, they opened the correct pre-pay account. Fast forward six months, and my wife receives a notice that her credit score had dropped. We ran a credit report and found that Verizon never closed the post paid account and there was a $60.33 charge from March, 2022. So, for several months Verizon had a post paid and pre paid account associated with the same number until the post pad account turned delinquent from the single $60.33 charge and was closed. That isn't the worst part though. Between my wife and I, we have literally spent +10 hours being transferred between departments, being told there are system errors going on so nothing can be done at the time, told we would get called back without receiving any calls, etc. while trying to remedy the Verizon post paid account mistake. Little did we realize, the $60.33 charge was sent to debt collections and Verizon employees supposedly can't do anything about it at that point so we have just got the run around from Verizon customer service.

Verizon, please get in touch with us to get this resolved. Every payment has been made on the pre paid account since it was open in March and there should have been no reason for a $60.33 charge on an account that should never have been opened in the first place.

Re: Verizon account error wrecking our credit
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