Verizon contractor destroyed my lawn and left a huge dangerous hole in my yard!

A contractor with Verizon dug up my yard last week prior to the holiday weekend without providing me any notice, call, email, or placing a tag on my door. My lawn was dug in 2 places and now the gras is dead.

I have young children that were playing in the year and could been seriously injured or endured serious fractures from the large hole hat was left exposed. They even took the dirt away with them.

I paid thousands of dollars to have my lawn reseeded and now it has been ruined. Not only that, but they also left a huge 4x3 very deep hole in my yard. I have contacted the J&J services who supposedly is contracted with Verizon. I was informed that someone would be coming to fill the very dangerous hole, that was there days ago and no one has shown up yet.

This is extremely upsetting to have someone enter your property with ought notice, which by law is trespassing, damage your property and leave the hole exposed with NO signage.

I would like the hole filled immediately; I have contacted OSHA as well. this cannot be common practice or the correct way of doing business. The large hole is a safety issue for my children and pets.

Re: Verizon contractor destroyed my lawn and left a huge dangerous hole in my yard!
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Hi jay1122,

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