Verizon does not keep track of own equipment
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Verizon has no way to track its own equipment when you ship it.  We shipped the equipment back within the original time frame requested.  According to the rep I just spoke with, it was 'just' received last week.  So why does it take 1 - 2 months to register equipment as being returned once Verizon actually receives it?  Your warehouse workers on strike or something? 

I am at wits end and will never recommend Verizon to anyone.  The customer service rep that I spoke with said that our equipment was 'just received' and she's crediting the $99.99 that we were billed for having 'failed' to return our equipment.

This is NO failure on my husband and my's part to return equipment.  How a global company loses its' own equipment and then 'finds' it when you call to complain about the bill is disturbing, horrifying, and outright WRONG.  Seriously, you provide the UPS shipping label for return shipping, and then expect your customers to do your job of tracking the company equipment?  Why does verizon lack the capability to keep a record of the shipping labels it provides to its' own customers?  It's not that hard people.  REALLY.  If you're the one providing it, you should have record of it.  If I had a UPS account, I would be tracking what I send....I understand you send a ton more packages than a 'consumer' but you also have billions of dollars in buying power.  Develop a $100,000 system to keep track of your returned equipment - heck, it might not even cost THAT much depending on the integrations needed.

Watch a company actually get it on how to provide superior customer service & prices & overall service.  You'll lose.  And you'll lose big.