Verizon has wasted my valuable time

It has been a 2 week ordeal with trying to port my phone number to another carrier. Yesterday I had a total of 5 hours wasted because of Verizons not letting my phone number go. My phone is only able to be operated on wifi, so all the EXTREMELY important phones calls and texts that I have been waiting to receive or make, I am missing out on. Yesterday  after waiting for 2 hours on hold, the phone line was disconnected.... 🙄🤬 So here we are today almost going on 3 hours on hold...  not having my phone number active is costing me a whole lot of issues. I am beyond livid about this situation.

Re: Verizon has wasted my valuable time

It would seem by your post you are talking cellular. Call 1-800-922-0204 for verizon wireless.

if it was home phone, your receiving carrier would take care of the port.

in both cases you can file a FCC complaint for a port not being released at under their complaint section.

please note not all phone numbers can be ported.