Verizon is Ripping Me Off

I have been a loyal Fios customer for nearly 6 years.  All of the sudden, my bill nearly doubled without warning.  I called customer service and they said unless I get a new contract there is nothing they can do about my bill unless I would like less channels.  I nearly have the rock bottom package as it is!  I know there is plenty they can do to adjust my bill but they wont.  I have had other providers in my area and I got a whole lot more for a LOT less.  I will be fair and say that the fios internet is faster though, but I havent used a different service for 5 years.  Needless to say I am leaving.  I'm sure others out there have experienced this robbery committed by Verizon.  I'm grateful there are other options out there.

Re: Verizon is Ripping Me Off
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Community Leader

Most if not all providers will charge a lot more when you are not under contract.

and you will get a better deal as a new customer vs existing.

be careful when you sign up.

most have 1 year teaser rates with a 2 year contract.