Verizon is breaking my bank and my brain
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First, my plan expires, and my monthly charge almost triples. Can't afford it anymore. So, I go online to try and change my plan. Nope, they'll only let me upgrade services! So, I spoke to Customer Service multiple times. They said I could only do the "Mix and Match" plan by going to a special web page. Tried that. Nope, still only lets me upgrade. Can't delete any services at all. Tried calling customer service again just now. IVR system wasted 5 minutes asking me questions to get to the point where it would transfer me to a human being. Then, I'm told there are no human beings available today (Sunday) - "call back tomorrow." I'm losing my mind. This is no way for a multi-billion dollar company to treat its customers. This is what monopolies are doing to our country. Thanks, Verizon.