Verizon is not an honest company
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Hi Verizon,

I am way too busy to be writing this letter, but have decided to take the time, hoping that I will waste at least a fraction of your time compared to the countless hours you have recently wasted of mine.  I recently moved to a new address and hoped to stay with your FIOS service.  You promised me that I could in fact keep my same FIOS service at the new address and even convinced me to renew my contract as it would seemlessly transition to my new address.  You lied to me Verizon.  Not only could you not provide me with the same FIOS service at my new address, you made me spend countless hours trying to figure out a way to stay with you. Stupid, gullable me actually felt bad that I could not stay with you. I actually liked your service enough to try and be loyal.  This being before you showed me the real you.  As soon as you figured out that I would not except the Frankenstien service you tried to offer me at my new address, which included Direct TV and internet service which was twice the cost and half the speed as at my old address, with an installation date that would have me without internet for an entire month, you decided to stick it to me with anything you could find, in this case a early termination fee.  To do this sticking, you made me also talk to countless people that made countless promises that were then denied at later times.  I think this was part of the fun for you Verizon.  Each one of these people must have been thinking, wow what a nice guy to be spending this much time to stay with us........Sucker!  You are a dishonest company Verizon. You convinced me to renew my contract only to be sure you could get somthing out of me in case I did not stay with you when I moved, in this case a late fee.  You knew I would not get the same service at my new address, but what do you care as I was no longer going to be in your service area anyways, so at least you got the $200.  I hope you are happy.  I dont care about the $200, which is nothing in the scheme of things.  I do care that you are dishonest and I will now waste a lot more of my time to make sure the world knows. I will also never use Verizon for anything ever again.  Is it still worth the $200?  Oh and by the way.  Comcast offered to pay the $200 for me as they really appeciate now having my business.  So to anyone else that runs into this problem with the dishonest Verizon, just ask Comcast and they will help you move on to a new, more fullfilling relationship.  It may be a rebound relationship, but it is better than a dishonest one.



Re: Verizon is not an honest company
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Verizon 'customer first' does not exist. I've had Verizon for over two years. One year ago, I moved a half a mile, and Verizon made me start my two year contract again.
Now I'm relocating for work and Verizon isn't available. And now Verizon is charging me for an early termination fee.
Congrats Verizon, you've lost another customer for life.
Re: Verizon is not an honest company

The truth of the matter is, they don't care.  Period.  I'm still waiting on money that they initially told me I would get in August.

I will go without any services before I pay Verizon another dime.  I will never get services through Verizon again.