Verizon login page flow displays your PASSWORD!!

Huge security hole for Verizon on their website! 

This also means that Verizon is storing passwords with 2-way encryption which is way way bad!  A hacker can now decrypt your passwords.

Today on Nov 30, 2021, I started a login on the Verizon website.  I was presented a page that asked me to verify my secret for login...and the PAGE DISPLAYED MY PASSWORD as my user id or mobile number.

Not sure why this screen shot doesn't always display correctly.


Re: Verizon login page flow displays your PASSWORD!!
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Community Leader

#1 I am not sure but to me it seems that has something to deal with the web browser remembering the log-in credentials and that includes the use of cookies.

#2 These forums that you are posting on deals with Verizon Land Line Services (POTs, DSL, FIOS). By the looks of things, you should tell the people over at