Verizon lost trade-in devices

I'm appalled by the level of customer service I've received from Verizon. They used to be the best in the business. Four months ago I sent them six iPhone X to qualify for advertised promotions - bill incentive credit and device promotional credit - I spoke to a Verizon sales rep and initiated a new account with them. Each month my bill shows some of the credits but not all. After hours upon hours on the phone with their various customer service departments and visits to our local Verizon corporate office I've learned the shipping label I was sent to mail in my trade-in devices was incorrect. I've asked the email or text me a message explaining this but am told they aren't able to send out messages. Every time I call I am told I will see the missing credits on my next bill but here I am again with my fourth incorrect bill. I'm promised each time I speak to them my account will credited appropriately but the bill hasn't changed. Their brick and mortar corporate office has told me Verizon outsources their customer service for financial disputes now and there's nothing they can do. I feel like I've been swindled! My husband wants to involve our local news team. I can see from reading this forum many other people have had similar experiences. It's like we are dealing with a foreign company and have no recourse.

Re: Verizon lost trade-in devices

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