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Verizon must hate him/herself with the crappy TV services it provides
Enthusiast - Level 1

I was misled into Verizon's service by a 3rd party sales company. But I decided to try and stick it out for the duration of my contract. Let me go over the pros and cons of my experience so far.


  1. The internet speeds are awesome.
  2. The company is extra patient when I have trouble paying my bill.

That's about it for the pros and now for the cons. Let me start by saying I hate my TV. Again I HATE my TV now and my TV is big and awesome (Mitsubishi WD-73738).


  1. 1. The Verizon P265 universal remote is anything but universal. The A/V /TV input button does not let you cycle through to the other input option
  2. The universal remote that came with my TV has a code for every other cable provider (big and small) but Verizon. 
  3. There are constant annoying updates when I turn on my TV. The remote either set-top-box either locks me out when it is performing and update (it only starts the update when I decide I want to watch TV) or there is some product or programming promotion I NEED to seed before I can begin viewing my programs.
  4. The whole system overtly focused on getting me to buy more products. Even at the cost of product quality
    1. The menu guide shows all of the other channels and programing that I have not purchased. There is no way to tell which channels I actually paid for and which ones I have not. So if find something on the guide I want to watch many of the times I am presented with the option of purchasing additional programing, The only way to fix this I was told is I have to go through the entire menu guide  and favorite all of the channels I have purchased 1 by 1.
  5. This is probably the biggest problem. All of the other cable and satellite providers are coming up with innovative ideas to help you find programing that you like, i.e. Jeanie and the Hopper. For all of the updates and all of the money I still HATE MY TV.
  6. The sad part is I am not the only one. You would be hard pressed to find a positive review of Verizon services and products in these forums. But nothing is changing. Verizon obviously know their customer base is unhappy but they are doing nothing about.

I used to hate Comcast but when I see their commercials and the new services they offer my heart skips a beat when I think about the day my contract will be over and I can switch. Bottom line whoever is in charge of the Verizon TV product group they should be fire over and over again until they are homeless because they are asleep at the wheel.

Re: Verizon must hate him/herself with the crappy TV services it provides
Master - Level 1

Your remote comes with more than one code for Mitsubishi TVs. The code is 243.  Turn on your TV. Press and hold the OK and 0 button at the same time until you get the red led on top of remote. Enter the 243 code and press volume up button until the TV goes off. Press the OK button. If the first one is not the correct code for the AV button repeat the above steps and keep cycling through the volume up until you locate the desired code for your TV.

You can shut off the promotions by pressing Menu-Settings-Pop-Up alerts and select never show me again and hit the OK button. Do the same thing for Recommendations and Promotions.

Press the Guide button, while it is open press the Options button  and select subscribed channels and press the OK button. The guide will now show only your subcribed channels.

Verizon is beginning to release its VMS DVR which will be capable of recording upto to 12 shows at one time. It is in a few markets currently. It will take a little while before it is in every market.

Re: Verizon must hate him/herself with the crappy TV services it provides
Specialist - Level 1

1. The av button does have some problems based on how the TV remote works. If your original remotes requires you to press a different key to choose between the sources after the list is up, then the Verizon remote will not function properly. If it doesn't then try to reprogram the remote.

2. I'm not sure why your TV manufacturer would not include instruction for Verizon. I do believe Comcast uses the same Motorola cable boxes. So give one of them a try. 

3. Promotions can be turned off as well as the first welcome screen when you first turn on the STB. I do believe the instruction to turn off the welcome screen is displayed on the bottom of the screen. I can be turned off in the settings. You want to disable promotions and notifications.

4. Select subscribed channels on the options for the guide. I will still show the on demand channels and promotional channels.

5. Give genres and filters a try. From live TV, Press the left arrow key.

6. The forums are peers here to help each other. You could have found answers to all of the above issues if you searched a little on each topic. I hope my response helps you to not hate your fios so much.