Verizon new package upgrade Beware customer reps.
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My Verizon package was set to expire the first of the year so I called Verizon early like I always did to get a new package and price.  I was paying about $170.00 for FIOS phone, TV and 75/75 internet HD preferred . I'd always been treated honestly before.  This time I called and the lady rep gave me a package deal including all for 3 for $209.00. The package was the Preferred Entertainment package internet 100/100 and phone, 3 premium channels. I asked her will  include all the channels I have now, And she said yes!  I figured OK,  a $39.00 increase. Ok, that day I lost most of the channels I had before. I went on line and checked what channels this package had.  The woman lied to me. I lost most of my channels and had a $30.00 increase in my bill.   

I called back the next day and talked to another lady and I told her about it, that it  was not what I was told and not the channels I had before and wanted.  She gave me another package with the channels and the other things for $229.00.  I figured that was $20.00 more but a better package.  They sent me an email with all the features taxes, fees, etc, for my plan, detailed bill Total $229.00!  I check on line again and now my bill goes up to $249.00.  I check the next day and all my channels are back on again. I didnt expect them to cut them off till the first of the year much less turn them back on.  I call back and asked them why they were back on again and the woman didnt know why. I look online for at my new amount and called Verizon. The charged me another $18.00 for partial monthly turn on.  I asked the woman when I got the package what my next bill would be and she said $229 that was it.  I call about the $18.00 fee and told them I shouldnt have to pay that. I paid my other bill early and they gave me a $27.00 credit on my bill.  I told this guy I didnt know you would turn back on till the first of the year. They wont do anything about the $18.00. I have to pay it.  I've been with Verizon for 35 years and have never missed a payment, never been late, always sent my bill in early.  This guy is trying to explain to me why they did it cause the channels were turned back on.  I understand that but nobody told me about the $18.00 fee when I signed up for the new package. I even asked what my bill total would be. I asked this  guy why give me a $27.00 credit and then charge me $18.00 more on my bill. why not a $9.00 credit?  I gave up,  I going in circles whit this guy.

I was having trouble with the new G3100 router and called tech support. I Every time I was on the phone I waited 50 minutes and nobody came on and my phone battery would go out and I finally gave up. I tried for 2 weeks to get through and gave up after being on hold for so long.  The thing is you cant trust these companies and their reps becasue they can tell you anything and lie and theres nothing you can do about it.  If they treat a long time customer like me like this I's hate to see how they treat other.  others. BEWARE!!!

Re: Verizon new package upgrade Beware customer reps.

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