Verizon part of anti-net neutrality law suits

"The rules were voted on in February and uphold the principle of net neutrality - that online content be allowed to load at the same speed. They forbid paid fast lanes favoring some content and say broadband providers can't slow Web traffic or block content." [AP News]

As a customer, I am very upset that Verizon and other telecoms are attempting to fight this law..  It is nothing more than an attempt to again NICKEL and Dime the last variable in the equation.. THE CUSTOMER...

When will it stop.. after I am charged $8 extra a month for netflix.. $4 a month for using Xbox Live, $3 to check email and $10 for whatever else Verizon decides to attempt to squeeze out..

Is it not enough that the FCC gives you a free blanket to charge all those extra **bleep** charges and the other "associated" charges on our bills...

And the IRS doesn't tax all that extra profit Verizon and other big net entities keep in off shore accounts???

I for one will ditch the internet and go pre-historic pen, paper mail and brick n mortal video rental and disconnect the console...... I do not need the internet that much that I will..yet again be the one that will suffer having to pay higher fees to access the content I want [but not need] to access!

Re: Verizon part of anti-net neutrality law suits
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None of this should be a surprise to anyone who is familiar with what has been going on for a while now. Comcast and time warner cable were the first two companies to have declared war on net nutrality but then the government slapped them down by hitting them with fines for making their customers go through hell just to access the content they wanted to watch. After the govenment went after those two companies verizon studied those rulings and went about it in another way to try to kill net neutrality which is what made the public upset that big name internet service providers were seeking to make even more money off of their customer's online activities. Those isps deny all of this of course and claim that they are not doing anything wrong because they treat all traffic the same but it is a little hard to believe them when their lawyers have declared war on net neutrality where all of these big name internet service providers have their armies of lawyers who are going all out to try to kill the internet as we knew it. When they tell you that new taxes could be implemented to pay for those new net nutrality laws do not believe them. The internet tax credit will see to it that they are prevented from doing that. As far as increasing the cost of the internet to an insane cost that too can be addressed by the fcc who can regulate what the cost of internet can be because it is in their power to do so if the cost of the internet becomes too high. One thing some people may have missed which has been going on for at least a year now is that verizon has added a new tax to people's bills whether they like it or not. It is called the FDV Administrative Charge (Fios Digital Voice) which is a tax that they just made up out of the blue. If you were to look at your paper bill you will see it. Only the government (state and federal) is permitted to add that kind of a tax but perhaps people have not noticed it because it is 99 cents which translates to 6 million dollars a month for verizon. Maybe if it goes up higher then people will notice it. I remember when verizon wanted to charge people $2 for the privelege to pay your bill online and then some verizon customer started a petition on which made verizon drop that surcharge. If the cost of that FDV administrative charge increases again i suspect another petition will be started.