Verizon resorts to cheating to keep my money

After one week of a trial of the sports package, I went on-line and chatted with a Verzion rep to cancel the package. After what I thought was enough time to do so for the chat communication, the chat ended and I assumed that was that.  UH UH!

Five billing cycles later I relalize Verizon never cancelled the package and was billing me the entire time. 

When I brought this to there attention, the "rep" on the phone (this time) said that the chat was interrupted, nothing was done and that was that. No follow-up email, no follow-up call, knowing that I was definately trying to cancel the package.

So, the rep says nothing I can do. That is the their plan. They offer the on-line chat, you assume all will work out, but them they do nothing and unless you have a masters degree and study every bill, you are getting screwed!

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